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Template:Pp-template (pronunciation: /ˈtɛmpleɪt/ /ˈpiːpiː/ /ˈtɛmpleɪt/) is a Mediawiki source code formatted term used in the medical field.


The term "Template" is derived from the Latin word "templum", which means "pattern" or "model". The term "Pp" is an abbreviation for "protection policy", indicating the template's function in protecting certain pages. The second "template" refers to the specific type of protection policy being implemented.


A Template:Pp-template is a type of Mediawiki source code that is used to implement protection policies on certain pages within a Mediawiki project. These templates are used to prevent unauthorized editing or other modifications to sensitive pages, such as those containing medical information.

Related Terms

  • Mediawiki: A free and open-source wiki software platform. It is used to create and manage content on websites like Wikipedia.
  • Protection policy: A set of rules and guidelines that determine who can edit or modify certain pages within a Mediawiki project.
  • Template: In the context of Mediawiki, a template is a page created to be included in other pages. Templates often contain repetitive material that might need to show up on any number of articles or pages.

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