Abortion in Algeria

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Algeria is the most restricted country in the region regarding abortion. There are many laws and punishments regarding abortion. If there are posters, publicity, public meetings, group meetings that have to do with abortion, anyone involved can be punished.

The 3 grounds

A government bill on health issues proposed to make abortions legal on three grounds. One being that a woman could have an abortion if they were psychologically and or mentally at risk. The second one being non-viable or severe fetal abnormality or disease. The third ground being that the health or the life of the woman will be at risk if the pregnancy was to continue. When the woman is to see the doctor, the doctor must get the consent of that woman and inform her of the whole situation.

This is the text that was published when the bill was passed, “Therapeutic termination of pregnancy is intended to preserve the health of the mother and when her life or psychological and mental balance is seriously threatened by pregnancy. The detailed rules for the application of this article are laid down by regulation.”[citation needed]

Before August 14, 2018[1]

This new law for abortion was being debated for way too long in the National Assembly. Before this, Algerians only option for abortion was to go to clinics or “Tunisia”. These clinics did not have any safety or good hygiene environments. The clinics did not meet any of the standards therefore would be risking the woman’s life.

There have been many cases of death of a pregnant woman and where there have beem fetuses’ and newborns found in dumpsters and trash cans. This shows that there has been a huge distress of a woman seeking an abortion.

Secret abortion clinics

           There have been secret abortion clinics in Algeria. Many of the clients were young girls who made a mistake and wanted it to go away. Other clients were women who were housewives and when the husband found out about the babies, the mothers were forced to give them up. One common reason why these women go to the secret abortion clinics is because they don’t want to be pushed away from their families. Another reason being that they are truly not ready to care to a child. These women do a lot to get these illegal abortions done for example saving money for long periods of time and selling jewelry.[citation needed]

Abortion and Rape

In 1998, there was a big uproar about abortion in Algeria’s laws because of women being raped by Islamic Rebels. There were obvious ground rules, but women wanted a change. Women wanted to have the right to get an abortion if they had been raped. While the decisions were being made for four long years, 1,600 young women had been abducted by roving bands of the Armed Islamic Group.

The ground of rape was no included in the three grounds for the new law on abortion. A journalist made the point that the three group points and the ground point of rape used to be included when Algeria was fighting for independence but is not anymore. This is implying that the country has gone backwards since then in terms of abortion.[citation needed]

International Campaign for Women’s Right to Safe Abortion

This is a campaign that supports Women’s rights and protects so they can live in a safe environment. On the website they talk about many problems that are going on all over the world that involve women. One of the important topics they talk about on this website and campaign is Abortion in Algeria. This campaign works with many people and protest with the women to get women the support they need with abortion. The campaign keeps people up to date and gives money to make a difference in theses women’s lives.[citation needed]


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