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Atlantic (ăt-lăn′tĭk)

The Atlantic (ăt-lăn′tĭk) is a term that is often used in the medical field, particularly in relation to the Atlantic Multicentric Study in Cholesterol Lowering (AMSCL), Atlantic PATH, and the Atlantic DIP.


The term "Atlantic" is derived from the Greek word "Atlantikos", which means "Atlas of the sea". In the medical context, it is used to denote studies or programs that are conducted across the Atlantic region.

Related Terms

  • Atlantic Multicentric Study in Cholesterol Lowering (AMSCL): A study that was conducted to determine the effects of cholesterol-lowering drugs on the risk of coronary heart disease.
  • Atlantic PATH: A project that aims to find out why some people get cancer and others do not by looking at the lifestyle, environment, and genetic makeup of people from the Atlantic provinces.
  • Atlantic DIP: A program that aims to improve the detection and management of gestational diabetes in the Atlantic region.


The term "Atlantic" is pronounced as ăt-lăn′tĭk.

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