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Information about Isavuconazonium

Isavuconazonium is a triazole antifungal agent used primarily in the treatment of invasive aspergillosis and mucormycosis infections.

Liver safety of Isavuconazonium

Isavuconazonium is associated with a low rate of transient and asymptomatic serum aminotransferase elevations during therapy, but has not been linked to instances of clinically apparent acute drug induced liver injury.

Mechanism of action of Isavuconazonium

Isavuconazonium (eye" sa vue koe" na zoe' nee um) is a synthetic triazole and prodrug of isavuconazole, the active moiety. Similar to other triazoles, such as voriconazole and itraconazole, isavuconazole is believed to act through inhibition of the fungal 14a-ergosterol demethylase that is responsible for converting lanosterol to ergosterol, which blocks fungal cell membrane synthesis. Isavuconazonium has a broad spectrum of activity particularly against many aspergillus, candida and mucormycosis species.

FDA approval information for Isavuconazonium

Isavuconazonium was approved for use in the United States in 2016. Current indications include treatment of invasive aspergillosis and mucormycosis infections in adults. It is under active evaluation as therapy of invasive candida infections. Isavuconazonium is available as capsules of 186 mg and as powder for reconstitution in single use vials of 372 mg under the brand name Cresemba.

Dosage and administration for Isavuconazonium

The recommended regimen is 372 mg every 8 hours for 2 days, and then 372 mg daily until cure or clearance of the fungal infection. Isavuconazonium is typically given intravenously for the first few days and then in oral forms, the recommended total daily dose being the same.

Side effects of Isavuconazonium

Common side effects include nausea, diarrhea, headache, constipation, cough, dyspnea, peripheral edema and back pain. Intravenous administration can also be accompanied by hypotension, chills, dizziness and hypesthesia.

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